Criminal Justice - Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice - Criminal Justice

Berkshire Community College - Pittsfield, MA

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Program Advisor: Reena Bucknell, 413-236 4551. The Criminal Justice program offers career preparation for law enforcement at the local, state, or federal level; corrections; private security; and other criminal justice work. Courses also provide upgrading of skills for those currently in the field. A student planning on studies at the baccalaureate level should work closely with a Criminal Justice advisor to select courses that will be acceptable to the college and program to which the student plans to transfer. These majors include but are not limited to criminal justice, sociology, paralegal, political science, police science, criminology, and public administration. This is a MassTransfer and Quinn Bill eligible program. Expected Outcome Graduates of this program should be able to: use effective verbal, nonverbal, and written communication; demonstrate an understanding of ethical standards in the criminal justice systemand apply these standards to practical situations; describe the functions and interrelationships of the major components of the criminal justice system; explain the diversity of viewpoints and experiences within society; analyze how perceptions are affected by culture; identify a social problem, develop a problem-solving approach, and evaluate effective and appropriate responses.

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Graduation Requirements

To earn a degree in this program, a student must complete the 60 program and general education credits, plus the additional requirements, shown below and in the next column.



CRJ 105

Introduction to Criminal Justice


CRJ 108

Substance Abuse Education


CRJ 109

Police and Community Relations


CRJ 121

Criminal Law


CRJ 123

Criminal Procedures


CRJ 125

Juvenile Justice Process


CRJ 126

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