Computer Science

Computer Science

Augustana College - Rock Island, IL

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Augustana College offers a major and a minor in computer science. Students have the opportunity to work with two faculty members with a PhD in computer scienceÑa rare opportunity for undergraduates at a college of AugustanaÕs size. At the same time, with its strong liberal arts foundation, an Augustana education provides students in the hard sciences and pre-professional programs with a special depth of focus accompanied by a rich range of knowledgeÑa balance difficult to find at larger universities. The computer science curriculum focuses on the representation, manipulation and storage of information in computer systems. Its range includes the study of programming languages, computer architecture, networks and the global internet, operating systems, data structures, algorithms and database management. Most computer science students take calculus and an introduction to computer science during their first year, followed by discrete mathematics in the first term of their second year. Discrete mathematics is a bridge between calculus and other math and computer science courses.

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