Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Computer engineering involves the design and application of computer hardware and computer software. Computer hardware consists of the physical components that implement a computer system: processor and memory chips, circuit boards, and peripheral devices. Computer software consists of computer programs that accomplisha specific task using sequences of simple, programmable steps. Computers have become an integral part of many large systems that require sophisticated control, including automobiles, medical instrumentation, telecommunication systems, and factory automation. Computers are a driving force behind many of today's exciting new technologies, including wireless communications, interactive multimedia, and high-speed computer networks. Computer engineers must have detailed knowledge of both hardware and software to design, build and use complex information processing systems for a wide range of applications. The objectives of the ECE undergraduate computer engineeringprogram are to produce electrical engineering graduates who are prepared to:Enter their profession and make intellectual contributions to it Embark on a lifelong career of personal and professional growth Take advanced courses at the graduate level

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