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Program of Study
General Core Requirements (12 courses)
Communication Major (11 courses)
Cm101 Fundamentals of Communication
Cm204 Writing for the Media
Cm270 New Media Production
Cm375 Editing and Publication Design
Cm403 Media and Culture
Hu490 Internship
One of the following:
Cm345 Public and Political Communication
Cm350 Interpersonal Communication
Cm360 Organizational Communication
Cm420 Topics in Communication
Four courses in specialty area
May include courses from Cm and related fields.
Must receive approval of advisor and Divisional Chairperson.
At least two of four must be at 300 or 400 level.
General Electives (9 courses)

Communication Program Objectives
Graduates in Communication will be able to:
1. Demonstrate critical thinking
2. Demonstrate research abilities
3. Demonstrate competence in professional communication practices
4. Produce a polished and cohesive body of work through a capstone portfolio