Clinical Internship

Clinical Internship

Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin - Austin, TX

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AOMAƔs clinical education provides its students with hands on experience and is a means of service to the greater Austin community. At AOMA, clinical education begins in the first term and continues throughout the first year with a sequence of clinical theater and observation. Supervised clinical internship begins in the second year and goes on to include 972 hours of internship, focused herbal and community clinic hours, and optional focused hours on tuina and medical qigong. Throughout their internship, students take on increasing levels of responsibilty for patient care and case management, and attend regular intern meetings to support their education and professional development. Finally, as they progress through the program, students complie a portfolio of their work, including, for example, self-reflections, clinical case studies, and selected coursework. A detailed description of clinical requirements is included in the Clinic Manual.

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CT111 Clinical Theater 1
0/0/36/1.5 Co-req: AT0101
Students are exposed to the diagnostic methods of TCM and to the techniques and application of acupuncture and herbology by observing professional treatments performed by a member of the AOMA faculty. Includes dialogue on how to conduct a patient interview and administer a complete acupuncture treatment, with emphasis on patient communication and ethics.

CT112 Clinical Theater 2
0/0/36/1.5 Prereq: CT111, CL1xxO Coreq: AT0200, AT0112 or AT

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