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A Distinguished Classics Program in a Liberal Arts Setting The graduate program at Bryn Mawr provides the supportive community of the college, a cohort of highly motivated fellow students, and the individual attention from faculty members that are the hallmarks of an excellent liberal arts undergraduate education, taken to the level of graduate education. The program in "Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies" maintains Bryn Mawr's proud tradition in classical philology, with rigorous graduate language exams and demanding seminars in both Latin and Greek. At the same time, the interdisciplinary "Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics, and History of Art" gives classics students a broader context for their work. Not only do students have opportunities to take seminars with and to study under the guidance of faculty members in all these departments, but the special Graduate Group seminars each term are team-taught and explicitly designed to bring the different disciplines and theoretical presuppositions into conversation with each other. Bryn Mawr College is located in a dense concentration of institutions in the Philadelphia area, and, in addition to courses and seminars at Bryn Mawr, students can enroll in classes at the University of Pennsylvania and in some cases, Princeton University. Faculty members from such local institutions also offer seminars on occasion in areas of their specialties to expand the range of fields available. Each week, a Classics Colloquium provides students opportunities for participation in a less-formal atmosphere and a chance to hear prominent speakers discuss literary, archeological, and historical topics. The Classics Colloquium gives graduate students a chance to talk with faculty members in a relaxed setting, while hearing scholars from other institutions present papers on an array of subjects. The college is also known by classicists around the globe as the home of the "Bryn Mawr Classical Review," the second-oldest online scholarly journal in the humanities, which reviews current scholarly work in the field of classical studies. A rich research resource for departmental faculty members, students of the classics, and other graduate group students is the college's valuable classics collection, considered one of the best in the nation. The collection can be accessed in the expansive Rhys Carpenter Library. Classics' graduate students have wired study carrels reserved for them in this research facility. Additional resources are within student's reach in the college's Canaday Library. This research facility has a special collection that contains more than 1,200 printed books that were published before 1500. These exceptional books are available for student interest or research. Bryn Mawr is one member of what is known as the Tri-College Community. The research facilities and collections of Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges are also open to student use. The 3 colleges operate a combined electronic catalog, so books ordered from other collections are available within hours.Fellowships and scholarships are available for students in Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies, and tuition grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid can also be secured through Bryn Mawr College. In addition, advanced students may be eligible for Travel Fellowships or Teaching Assistantships. The department has a commitment to supporting students in their studies of literary and historical texts in the cultural context of the works. The department offers 2 fellowships each year toward summer study abroad in Italy or Greece. Students are encouraged to study abroad at the American Academy in Rome, Italy, or the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece. These fellowships are usually awarded to students who will finish their master's degrees in the academic year before their summer study abroad. Although the Whiting Foundation's dissertation grants have come to an end, special dissertation grants are available for students finishing their dissertation work. Although the program covers a broad range of topics in the ancient world, the research interests of the faculty members also make the program especially appealing to students with interests in ancient Mediterranean religions (whether Greek, Roman, or early Christian), as well as to those with interdisciplinary interests in material culture and ancient art. With the interdisciplinary Graduate Group and the resources of Carpenter Library's research collections, Bryn Mawr provides the opportunity for top-notch graduate study within a small liberal arts setting.

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