Cellular Biophysics

Cellular Biophysics

Boston University - Boston, MA

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The curriculum consists of distribution requirements in both the physical and biological sciences. Prerequisite undergraduate requirements for the courses taken below must be met as specified in this bulletin. Physical Sciences (Stage I) Graduate-level courses in four areas of physical sciences must be selected. Allowed courses in each of the specified areas are listed below (alternative appropriate courses in the categories below can be substituted with the approval of the Cellular Biophysics Program Committee). See prerequisites in this bulletin for additional information. Courses marked with an asterisk can be taken by students with insufficient background in physics or cell physiology, in order to satisfy distribution requirements, with the permission of the Cellular Biophysics Program Committee, but such students will not be given graduate credit. Sixteen graduate-level courses (500 level or higher) must be completed. Electromagnetism CAS PY 521, 522 Electromagnetic Theory, 4 cr each Statistical Physics *CAS PY 410 Statistical Thermodynamics, 4 cr

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