Business - Business Careers

Business - Business Careers

Berkshire Community College - Pittsfield, MA

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The Business Careers program is for the student primarily interested in going to work in business after graduation from BCC.(This program is not designed to transfer to baccalaureate institutions.) This flexible program can help students prepare for responsible positions in areas such as first-level management in an applied technology or service organization. Students study accounting, computer literacy, economics, and oral and written communications, along with business specialty courses in the areas of their choice. Program graduates can expect to find employment in manufacturing operations, accounting, finance, customer service, government, sales, insurance, marketing, human resources management, and other career areas. Program Advisor: Eric Gauger, ext.413-236-4575.

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Graduation Requirements

To earn a degree in this program, a student must complete the 61 program and general education credits, plus the additional requirements, shown below.

Program Credits

BSS 102 Mircosoft Word OR
BSS 201 Microsoft Excel 3
BUS 107 Fundamentals of Business 3
BUS 111 Principles of Accounting I 3
BUS 112 Principles of Accounting II 3
BUS 247 Business Communications 3
BUS Electives 6
CIS 102 Fundamental Computer Literacy (see footnote 2) 4
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