Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

Triton College - River Grove, IL

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Graduates of this program can qualify for jobs in architectural firms; construction management firms or facility management firms for building operations; perform duties such as computer-aided design and drafting for building design and construction, Building Information Modeling, computer-aided perspective rendering, CADD or BIM manager; install, maintain and keep up-to-date with the software and hardware used for Building Information Modeling and CADD operations, organize a Building Information Modeling team, manage an application service provider, execute electronic transfer of design and Building Information Modeling files between members of the building project team, teach others on the team how to use the specialty programs and produce instructional manuals and standards for the firm. The goal of the Building Information Modeling program is to help students develop critical thinking skills, develop creativity, be prepared for employment in entry-level positions and develop excellent visual, graphic and verbal communication skills. After successful completion of this program, the graduate will be able to: Demonstrate skills in using Revit for producing architectural drawings. Explain and show how to create "families" in Revit. Create production drawings for architectural projects. Demonstrate how to produce design options in Revit. Demonstrate how to show existing and demolished work in drawings using Revit. Explain how to create and use worksets to work in a collaborative way with other users of Revit. Demonstrate how to assign materials, lighting and create a rendering using Revit. Explain how to install Revit within a firm. Explain how to teach the use of Revit within a firm. Demonstrate self-evaluation skills to faculty through reflective paper or oral presentation. Complete a comprehensive portfolio of work in all courses taken at Triton College and have it accepted by a faculty jury. Complete short-term projects within a stipulated time period. Orally explain a drawing to faculty.

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