bit - Executive Assistant

bit - Executive Assistant

Pasadena City College - Pasadena, CA

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The curriculum prepares individuals with administrative support experience to advance to positions such as Executive Assistant, Senior Administrative Assistant, and Administrative Coordinator. Employees in these types of positions usually report directly to and work solely for a single high-level executive and typically earn substantially more than Administrative Assistants and Secretaries. Employees in these types of positions perform a variety of tasks common to Administrative Assistants such as document processing, meeting coordination, business computer applications, and travel arrangements. Additionally, Executive Assistants are assigned high-level tasks such as preparing proposals, monitoring budgets, tracking data, researching special topics and projects for the executive on the Internet, developing the content of an executive’s presentations, creating correspondence for an executive, tracking and following through on action items for an executive’s meeting reports, placing calls on an executive’s behalf, serving as a liaison for an executive with other departments, and developing meeting agendas.

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