Biomedical Neuroscience

Biomedical Neuroscience

Boston University - Boston, MA

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Graduate students who have already applied for admission in an established, department-based, degree-granting graduate program (e.g., Physiology and Biophysics), and who also wish to study neuroscience at BUSM, will apply for admission to the Program in Biomedical Neuroscience either at the time of their application or during their first academic year. Any student who meets the criteria for acceptance into the departmental graduate program of any of the participating departments, and who also expresses a commitment to meet the requirements of the Program in Biomedical Neuroscience (see below), will be eligible for acceptance into the Program in Biomedical Neuroscience. All students must also meet the requirements of their respective departmental graduate programs. MD/PhD students are also eligible to participate in the program.

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