BA in Philosophy

BA in Philosophy

Boston University - Boston, MA

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All majors have faculty advisors. The philosophy major requires the student to complete a total of nine courses with a grade of C or higher: One Logic course: 160 or higher level Logic course PH 300 – History of Ancient Philosophy PH 310 – History of Modern Philosophy One Moral, Political, or Legal philosophy course at the 200 level or above One course in Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Mind, or Language (200 level or higher) One elective (200 level or higher) One course from PH 403–PH 430 One additional 400-level course One PH course other than those taken to fulfill 1–8 College of General Studies students and students who have completed the humanities portion of the Core Curriculum receive major credit for CAS PH 150 or PH 155. Students who complete the social science portion of the CAS Core Curriculum receive major credit for CAS PH 253 or PH 254. Specialized Areas

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