BA in Chinese Language & Literature

BA in Chinese Language & Literature

Boston University - Boston, MA

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A prerequisite of CAS LC 212 (or equivalent placement) and 13 courses with a grade of C or higher are required. Students must complete a minimum of six principal courses at Boston University. Required Courses Four language-focus courses: CAS LC 311, LC 312, LC 411, and one of CAS LC 314, LC 315, or LC 412. Three courses in Chinese literature: CAS LC 250 or LC 251, and two additional from CAS LC 250, LC 251, LC 284, and LC 285. LC 285 may be taken more than once if the topic has changed. Two civilization courses: CAS LC 283 and one of CAS LC 286, LC 287, or LC 440. Two additional courses chosen in consultation with the advisor from LC courses at the 300-level or above or related courses in other departments. Two of the following: CAS LX 250, XL 222, XL 223, XL 224, and XL 225. CAS CC 101 and CC 102 together may be substituted for XL 222. (Comparative literature courses carried LL numbers through Spring 2009 and converted to XL numbers as of Fall 2009; for degree purposes, LL and XL are identical). Placement Examination

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