Asian Bodywork Therapy: Tuina

Asian Bodywork Therapy: Tuina

Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin - Austin, TX

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Tuina originates in China. It is a traditional meridian and acupoint bodywork therapy that is over 2,000 years old. It involves a variety of techniques including rolling, tapping, and pressure for treating a broad range of disorders.Tuina is used in orthopedic, stroke, and other forms of rehabilitation in ChinaÕs hospitals and has a wide range of applications in pediatrics. Students may choose to take either ABT03 Tuina 3 or ABT03A Chinese Pediatric Tuina to fulfill the Asian bodywork requirement for graduation.

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ABT01 Tuina 1
18/18/0/3 Prereq: None Co-req: AT0101
This course provides a working knowledge of basic tuina techniques and tuina exercises, yijinjing (sinew exercise), to strengthen the bodyÕs constitution.The course is designed to strengthen the connection between tuina and other methods and techniques of Oriental medicine.

ABT02 Tuina 2
18/18/0/3 Prereq: ABT01
This course continues the practice of tuina techniques and the general body routine of tuina. It focuses on the etiology, pathol

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