Asian Bodywork Therapy: Qigong

Asian Bodywork Therapy: Qigong

Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin - Austin, TX

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Chinese medical qigong is one of the oldest branches of Chinese medicine, predating acupuncture by thousands of years. It is a therapeutic method for improving health and well-being, regaining and maintaining mind/body balance, preserving health, and enhancing longevity through the training of the mind, the breath, and the physiological processes of the body. Qi refers to the energy that animates life, while ÒgongÓ means skills acquired through practice.

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ABQ01 Chinese Medical Qigong 1
18/18/0/3 Prereq: None Co-req: AT0101
The three courses of this series present a comprehensive study of Chinese medical qigong and include the philosophy of qigong as well as exercises and movements which focus on cultivating internal energy. A series of traditional and modern qigong exercises is taught throughout these courses, including meditation (static qigong) and daoyin (dynamic qigong), for the purpose of training and refining inner energy. Focus of this first course is on the mechanisms of qigong and the relationship between the three treasures of the human being, essence, energy, and spirit. The course also focuses on commonly used points and qigong safety theory and methods. Attention will be paid to the areas of combining Chinese medical qigong with zangfu, yin/yang, and meridian theories to improve studentsÕ understanding of Oriental medicine and to integrate qigong methods with Oriental medical therapies.

ABQ02 Chinese Medical Qigong 2
18/18/0/3 Prereq: ABQ01
This course covers the sensation of qi, a foundation of internal qi, and guidance of qi throughout the body. Additionally, the origin and distribution of the twelve regular meridians and location of major acupressure points will be studied.The course focuses on the proper recommendation of exercises for improving well-being and relieving symptoms of chronic disorders, particularly tendino-muscular problems. Also, the selection of different qigong exercises according to body constitutions and various syndromes will be presented.

ABQ03 Chinese Medical Qigong 3
18/18/0/3 Prereq: ABQ02
The third course of the Chinese medical qigong series focuses on the directing and renewing of qi.This is achieved by exploring the major principles that govern the universal and environmental energetic structures, as well as their influence on the human body, mind, spirit, and emotions. A series of qigong exercises and techniques, tongue inspection and pulse evaluation, touching and non-touching techniques, color and temperature observation, and healing sounds are practiced for a better understanding of this specialized system.