Applied Industrial Technology (Manufacturing Technology) Apprenticeship Program

Applied Industrial Technology (Manufacturing Technology) Apprenticeship Program

Cuyahoga Community College District - Cleveland, OH

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Students must be currently working in a registered apprenticeship program in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. The apprenticeship program prepares the student to work as a skilled Machinist, as well as earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Applied Industrial Technology. A four-year apprenticeship emphasizes the skill set required to be a highly skilled craftsman. Machinists are involved in the production of components used by the aircraft, automotive, machinery, and many other industries, often with machine tools run by computer numerical control devices. The machinist of today relies on high tech to produce parts, and must possess a wide skill set of mathematical knowledge, technical disciplines, and the ability to work independently. Working from drawings or specifications, using precision measuring instruments, machinists shape metal into usable parts using a variety of precision metal cutting and grinding machines.

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