Allied Health - Physical Fitness

Allied Health - Physical Fitness

Berkshire Community College - Pittsfield, MA

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The Physical Fitness degree option offers students an opportunity to expand upon the Physical Fitness certificate program. In addition to instruction in nutrition, cardiovascular and strength conditioning, personal training,and other topics that are covered in the certificate program, the degree program goes on to explore the human body and its relationship to exercise and fitness more intensely. Topics include the mind/body connection, injury prevention,and sports psychology. Deeper exploration of exercise physiology and human anatomy are also provided. EXPECTED OUTCOMES Graduates of this program should be able to: demonstrate written and oral English competence; use modern technology to access, evaluate and apply information (state-of-the-art fitness equipment; cardio monitoring;knowledge of safe use of fitness equipment); demonstrate competence in career planning, health management, and lifelong learning; demonstrate skills beyond entry-level (health and fitness club manager, private personal trainer, specialized fitness instructor); identify good, basic exercise testing and program design; practice good nutrition and explain basic principles to clients relative to exercise physiology.

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To earn a degree in this program, a student must complete the 64 program and general education credits, plus the additional requirements, shown below .

Program 42 Credits
AHS 142 Exercise Science 3
AHS 148 First Aid 2
AHS 150 Introduction to Nutrition 3
AHS 155 Stress and Your Health 3
AHS 220 Principles of Fitness Components 3
AHS 235 Fitness Program Planning 3
AHS 238 Mind/Body Theory and Methods 3
PED 135 Exerc

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