Actuarial Sciences

Actuarial Sciences

Ashland University - Ashland, OH

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Actuaries are professionals who provide expert advice and relevant solutions for business and societal problems that involve economic risk. The actuarial profession is consistently ranked as one of the top 5 careers in the United States. When you major in actuarial science at Ashland University, youÕll be prepared for the professional actuarial examinations on Probability and Financial Mathematics. When you earn a Bachelor of Science degree with a comprehensive major in Actuarial Science from Ashland University, youÕll be prepared for the Society of ActuariesÕ Actuarial Examination on Probability and Financial Mathematics. For example, an actuary working for an insurance company might calculate how much a company would charge for a new type of car, homeowners, or health insurance. He or she may have to figure out how much money needs to be invested in a pension fund today so that years from now, when the employees retire, there will be funds to pay them benefits. Or, an actuary might calculate how much damage an earthquake or hurricane could cause. Besides insurance, actuaries work in many other fields. That's because their skills are readily transferable to any business that deals with risk. An actuary could work in finance, marketing, manufacturing, or in the development of new products. OUTSTANDING EDUCATORS Faculty members are very active in the field of mathematics often attending regional and national meetings with student groups. Professors are excellent classroom educators who mentor students both in and out of the classroom through problem solving challenges and in-depth discussions of math topics. INTERESTING CLASSES YOU MAY TAKE Linear Algebra - A study of vector spaces, linear transformations, determinants and matrices. Special Topics in Math - A course devoted to various topics of mathematical interest. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Programming for Business - An introduction to computer programming in the business environment. Using Visual Basic, students will design, flowchart, program, enter, test and debug, and document programs of minimal to medium degree of difficulty.

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