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What if browsing for college programs were as easy as browsing for plane tickets?

DegreeCast is remastering college search, making it clearer and faster than you’ve ever seen. Now you can find and compare degree programs from EVERY college, not just the big brand names. With us, you can finally compare the degrees and certifications themselves, not simply information about the entire school.

Our secret

Our simple keyword search box gives you access to every accredited post high school program. Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral programs — and all the certificates, diplomas, and accreditations, too.

College search, on your terms. Finally.

With one click, skip the messy scavenger hunt on a school website. We take you directly to the page you are looking for, fast as lightning.

You want to compare bachelors’ Business programs near Philadelphia? Browse Nursing schools? Education programs? Degrees in Ceramics? Biology? How about auto mechanic/cosmetology/dental hygienist certifications offered within 50 miles of where you live? Maybe you’re thinking of transferring to where you can finish your Computer Science degree at half the price? We got you.

Led by a working high school teacher and built by a small team that includes college students, product experts, and software engineers, DegreeCast is dedicated to becoming the internet’s first — and most reliable — college comparison shopping engine. Honestly, we live for this.

The data

DegreeCast’s data and links are best in class because we have collected and organized them ourselves. We’ve built our own Degree Periodic Table system that holds every kind of accredited degree program out there, simply and beautifully organized. With our keyword search, you can finally search everything. And, because our website is so fast and we have it all, you can dream with us.

DegreeCast is supported by data provided by the U.S. Department of Education from IPEDS, the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. The institutions analyzed are all U.S.-based, degree-granting colleges and universities that have first-time, full-time undergraduates.

What we're about

We know choosing the right school can be scary. We always follow three important principles to make sure our identity delivers on our promise of college guidance on your terms.


We know you know this is a big decision. We looked through every college listing on the planet so you don’t have to.


Exciting. Emotional. Exhausting. Getting into college is a journey in itself. We strive to create a tool that makes it easy to find the school that's right for you.


Don’t rely on ratings, reviews, or your guidance counselor’s gut. Be empowered to search for a school on your terms.

Our team

Mike Kleba

Mike Kleba

CEO and Chief Teacher Officer

Mike has been a public high school teacher of English and Theatre for nearly 20 years. His ground level experience of helping students prepare for life after high school has allowed him a practitioner’s expert understanding of the challenges and pain points of higher ed search. Kleba believes that the missing voice in ed tech-- that of lifelong teachers-- can provide extraordinarily valuable insight into innovation in ed tech products and services. He’s also a 9-10th Honors English teacher at a high school on Long Island and is one of the organizers of the NY EdTech Meetup, the largest in the US.

Caleb Gandara

Caleb Gandara

COO and Product Lead

Caleb has 10+ years experience in building and growing internet search tools. His work is driven by a powerful insight: when simple and comprehensive information resources organize internet-sized data to human scale, people’s lives are transformed. Working on early product and marketing teams in the travel, restaurant, and employment verticals Caleb has acquired an expert level of understanding for necessary elements for a specialized search tools to be successful. Caleb is also the OG founder of this company.

Ash Kamel

Ash Kamel

Ash Kamel is a tech wizard and professional soccer referee who has been with DegreeCast since 2014. He’s currently working at a major fitness company.

Joe Fortunato

Joe Fortunato is an account exec at a national media company. He also is a former student of Mike’s. He’s leading our sales strategy in 2019, writing our blueprint. He’s hungry and delighted to be working with the guy he calls “the best teacher I ever had.”

Dr. John Tidwell

Dr. John Tidwell loves DegreeCast so much he followed us after our prototype work together. He will be helping to lead our product research and testing. He holds a PhD in Evaluation and Statistics from the University of Delaware. An entrepreneur with years of product development, John has also been an invaluable source of advice.

Student interns

With their contributions, DegreeCast can now say that we are a college search company that is being built by college students, teachers, and data technologists.

Alex Sanchez

College sophomore Alex Sanchez is our hardworking Data Intern, working for us while attending the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Maria Varela

Maria Varela has been a data collection monster while working on her Film degree at NYC’s Hunter College.

Jamie Aranoff

Jamie Aranoff is a senior at SUNY Oswego and she’s writing copy for our PR strategy.